This week I was quite busy with the work so didn’t get a chance to contribute a lot.

Bug Smash Initiative

Griffyn and Lee pinged me on Monday to run bug smash fortnightly meeting. I haven’t run one in a while. I like running the meetings, so I said yes even though I knew my Tuesday was going to be busy, and it was. I was performing a technical audit for a client site at work with a colleague, so I was on call all day. On Monday, I set up a couple of slack reminders for me. Griffyn graciously shared the templates beforehand for reminder message and meeting agenda all I had to do was copy and paste those messages in #bug-smash. I did copy and paste those messages, but they were templates, and I forgot to update dates and timings 😀. Lee pointed that out, and I edited them after posting in #bug-smash

Meeting started at 3 PM AEST and I took half an hour break from the call and started the meeting. To my surprise @dww was also concerned about lack of bug smash triage sessions, so I ended up pointing him towards last week triage threads. It is nice to see that I was not the only one concerned about it. After posting all the topics I set up a 4 PM reminder and went back to join the work call. At four, I concluded the meeting and caught up on all the threads afterwards.

Meeting of the Bug Smash Initiative 2021-03-02

Thank you @larowlan and @griffynh for helping me run the bug smash meeting. If you are interested in running the meeting then feel free to ping any of us in Slack we love to have more people running the meetings.

You can read minutes of the meeting at Meeting of the Bug Smash Initiative 2021-03-02. Thank you @quietone, for posting the Minutes of Meeting on

Coding contributions

I didn’t get any chance to work on any Drupal core or contrib patches this week, but I did review some patches.