Let’s try something new…

When I set the site up, I though what would be a good idea for daily updates? I came to conclusion, how about weekly Drupal contribution updates. It will be challenging, every Saturday you have to think back what you have contributed, but let’s go with it. 🙂

Bug Smash Initiative

This week was interesting, at the start of the week I was thinking that we, the bug-smashers1, hadn’t been doing group triage sessions2, lately. So, I left a reminder about the group triage around three hours before the session, saying I’d be around to participate in group triage session. We started a thread from that message and discussed a bunch of issues.

Bug smash group triage session reminder

I had so much fun working with fellow bug-smashers that next day I left another message, and we started another thread form it. 😁

Follow up bug smash group triage session

Thanks to fellow Drupal community members for helping with group triage:

There is a saying in Urdu language:

قطرہ قطرہ دریا بنتا ہے

Translation: Little drops of water make a mighty ocean

Meaning: Every bit helps

Coding contributions

As a coding contribution, I only re-rolled one patch core patch Upgrade tests to HTML5 and found a typo in shiny new drupal once npm package Fix a typo in Using a single element Example but, I did review a few issues this week.

  1. We hang out in Drupal slack #bug-smash channel. Come say hi! 

  2. In Drupal core calendar there are two slots reserved for “🐞Bug Smash group triage” every fortnight.